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At the Physio Pilates Collective I am passionate about looking after women's health & wellbeing throughout all life stages

Women go through significant changes and events (even despite childbirth) that can cause problems later on in life. These problems are very common and can easily be managed and treated through conservative measures.



Physiotherapy is a great service that provides a range of treatment options; massage, dry needling, manipulations, taping and exercise prescription.

We address your aches & pains with thorough assessment and evidence based treatments.


During pregnancy our body goes through a  tremendous amount of change and can sometimes leave us a little feeling a little different post childbirth. If you're concerned about your pelvic floor, prolapse or abdominal separation book in for a postnatal check - give your body the best chance of recovery.


Don’t leave your prenatal/postnatal health and exercise needs in the hands of anyone but a trained health professional.
Not only will you exercise you will also learn birthing skills, breathing and pain-relieving techniques for labour.
You are welcome to join the classes at any stage of your pregnancy and we welcome all fitness levels.

Yoga Mat and Straps

Pregnancy massage has great benefits for both mother and baby. Our pregnancy massage is performed by a Physiotherapist with extra training in pregnancy massage - so you will reap th benefits. Enjoy a relaxation aromatherapy massage leaving you feeling relaxed & rejuvenated. 


Hydrotherapy is a great way for pregnancy ladies to safely exercise under the guidance and instruction of a Physiotherapist. Swimming takes the weight off your joints, relieves muscular tension, promotes circulation and eases low back/pelvic pain.

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