Health Physiotherapy

Women go through significant changes and events (even despite childbirth) that can cause problems later on in life. These problems are very common and can easily be managed and treated through conservative measures.



Addressing your aches & pains with thorough assessment and evidence based treatments.




Your body has just went through nine months of significant changes and gave birth to your beautiful baby. Its time to give get your body its best chance at recovery. Our postnatal consultations check all the major concerns that can take place leaving you with piece of mind.


Pre/Postnatal Pilates

All our prenatal/postnatal classes are taken by a Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor with experience in women’s health physiotherapy.  Don’t leave your prenatal/postnatal health and exercise needs in the hands of anyone but a trained health professional.

Not only will you exercise you will also learn birthing skills, breathing and pain-relieving techniques for labour.


Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes tremendous change; some being stressful and uncomfortable. Massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and promote general wellbeing. 


Pregnancy Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a great low impact exercise that can be performed during all stages of pregnancy.

Our Aquanatal classes are perfect for all women wanting to exercise safely under the guidance & care of a Physiotherapist. 

Want to dive deeper into that pregnancy knowledge?

Why not come to The Mumma Social


The Mumma Social (TMS) is a community brought to you by Grayce Gerke from the Physio Pilates Collective.


TMS brings together postnatal women, once a week with industry experts who will give a talk each week and a chance for Mumma's to have a cuppa and connect. 

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