For every mum that would like to invest in her health in her postnatal journey. 

Our postnatal membership is a mum group that focuses on women's health after having a baby. 

For a small price, you get access to 8 women's health specialists that can provide knowledge on your body, baby and mind while you navigate your postnatal journey. There is a QandA session every week to ask any and every question as we cover topics such as sleep, feeding, physical and mental health. 

We have small group numbers to ensure everyone feels heard and get a chance to connect with their group. 


Besides an AMAZING 8 week meet-up schedule to hang and talk to like-minded mummas, you'll be getting:

  • A cute-as Welcome Pack including a coffee keep cup, and tonnes of free resources when you arrive in November!
  • 8 talks from 8 women’s health experts


    Grayce from Physio Pilates Collective
    "I will be talking all things Pelvic Health in relation to your postnatal journey and into the future. We will be talking about; what your pelvic floor is, looking after our pelvic floor, how to do correct pelvic floor contractions, warning symptoms to look out for and how Women's Health Physiotherapy can help you!" 

    Abbey from JK Healthcare 
    "I'll be talking about childhood nutrition, essential nutrients/minerals for growth and development, introducing solids and allergenic foods, preventing/treating fussy eating behaviours."

    Kirsty from Bare Birth Story 
    "I'll be discussing the Birth Story, and products that help with Pregnancy & Postpartum."

    Jessie from Project Goddess
    "I will be taking you through the key nutritional principals for optimising your health during breastfeeding & discussing how to boost your confidence & body image post pregnancy."

    Carly from The Nurtured Beginnings
    "I will be discussing best sleeping environments and sleep props. Naptime and night time routine from birth to toddler age. Bad and good sleep associations, and how to conquer these. Sleep habits and safe sleep are also important topics aswell as techniques to help with anything sleep related."

    Bel from Fourth Trimester Parenting 
    "I'll be there to cover frequently asked questions about breastfeeding. Issues that can arise with feeding and solids, the topic of feeding and returning to work, pumping and storage, common issues and how to trouble shoot all of this."

    + a few more guest speakers to be revealed - a combined value of $850 worth of appointments with these ladies. 

  • Free custom coffee every week in your custom The Mumma Social keep cup!

  • Online access to resources from our experts (including recordings of each week) 

  • Be a part of our Private Facebook Group! 

  • An AWESOME community to be a part of!

Beginning 2nd November (Every Tuesday at 10 am)

Pay to finalise your spot!
Afterpay available

*Postnatal Group only

The Mumma Social 8 Week POSTNATAL Membership