How long are the consultations?

Initial Consultation ~ 45-60mins

Follow Up Consultation ~ 30mins

Pessary Fitting ~60mins

Pre/Post Natal Check ~45mins

Do you take medicare EPC's?

Yes we do.

As long as you have it addresses to Physio Pilates Collective specifically we are able to claim your medicare rebate back. 

Can I claim my Private Health Insurance?

Yes you can.

If you have Physiotherapy cover in your extras package then you are able to claim your appointments

Do I have to bring anything or wear anything in particular?

If you have any scans, X-rays or surgical reports its best you bring them with you, so we aren’t missing any crucial information. Just wear comfortable loose clothing.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

You certainly don’t!

If you do have one though please bring it along to your first appointment.

Do you liaise with my Doctor/Specialist?

Yes, if you consent to us doing so. After your appointment we will write a letter to your Doctor stating our assessment and findings, this is all a part of working as a team to achieve your goals.

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