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The sister-set to my Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Affirmation Cards ....this Self Love set has been thoughtfully designed to honour Mother’s during their sacred postpartum period which as we know, postpartum is forever


Every quote has been carefully and meticulously chosen (by incredible poets/authors such Tess Guinery, Beau Taplin Amethyst Joy just to name a few) to remind Mother’s of their incredible importance as the heart-centre of their family with full permission to slowww it all down. We live in a fast-paced society that celebrates the hustle but during this season it is all about going the present moment. Just as the caterpillar goes into their cocoon and emerges a beautiful butterfly, still the same but somehow also morphed, transformed, anew. We too must do the same.


If you are outgrowing who you’ve been Mama then you are right on schedule!

Each individual card comes with it’s own hand-drawn illustrations, a hand crafted timber stand (made locally by a Dad of 2) and packaged in a Seasons of Mama calico bag. This set contains 15 cards and was designed with the intention to draw a single card and sit with it for a week or longer at a time, to really savour the message

Mama Mantra Postpartum Cards

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