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Whether this be your first or third child, let us provide you with everything you need to know! 

Our guide is split into three sections;

1. Pregnancy

2. Childbirth

3. Postpartum


Each section covers everything you need to know, so you can prepare, be informed and feel confident. 


Pregnancy Section Covers:

- Consideration for each trimester

- Exercise Facts & Myths

- Current Exercise Recommendations for each trimester

- Body Changes during each trimester

- Pregnancy Related Injuries

- Constipation

- Role of Relaxin

- Recommended Products/Services.


Childbirth Section Covers:

- Pelvic Floor Education

- Pelvic Floor Myths & Facts

- Modes of Deliveries (Vaginal/C-section)

- Complications for each delivery

- Perineal Tearing & Injuries

- Education on pain relief.

- Hospital Bag Essentials.


Postpartum Section Covers:

- Optimising your recovery post birth

- Preparing for First Postpartum Poop

- Pelvic Floor Healing

- C-section Healing

- Preventing Mastitis

- Recommended Products/Services


Each section is filled with the latest up to date research and is evidence backed. 


It's your perfect guide to your pregnancy and beyond journey.

Prepare for Pregnancy (Full Guide)

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