Newborn Baby

Postnatal Checks

Your body has just went through nine months of significant changes and gave birth to your beautiful baby. Its time to give get your body its best chance at recovery. Our postnatal consultations check all the major concerns that can take place leaving you with piece of mind.

What we assess

  • Pelvic Floor

    As your baby has grown it has placed more pressure on your pelvic floor musculature which can cause weakness. If you have delivered your baby vaginally your pelvic floor has been stretched to allow baby to pass through which can cause tearing and trauma.

  • Prolapse

    Vaginal deliveries and even Ceasareans can cause pelvic organ prolapses to occur. It's important to assess and treat any prolapses and provide you with all information to help manage effectively. 

  • Rectus Diastasis

    As your pregnant belly grew to house your beautiful baby, your core muscles had to stretch to adapt. After pregnancy its important to regain your core strength.

  • C-section Scar

    If you have an a caesarean section, it can leave you with a nasty scar. This scar requires appropriate healing and massage to allow the thick scar tissue to break up. We will teach you how to perform in the comfort of your own home.

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