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LabourTens for Childbirth

You may have heard about a device called a 'TENS Machine'. When people hear this word they usually associate this with a Physiotherapist, pain relief or a machine that old people use. Well I'm here to make you associate it with - childbirth.

What is a LabourTens Machine?

A TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine is a battery operated device which sends out pulsed electrical signals via electrode pads to the skin where it is applied.

There are numerous TENS machine now readily available for all different conditions; chronic pain, period pain, pelvic floor treatment and labour/childbirth.

TENS machines have been used since the 1960's and have extensive research completed by Australian Hospitals, Gynaecologists, Physiotherapists and Midwives.

How does LabourTENS work during childbirth for pain management?

The machine works using two methods:

1. Inhibits transmission of chemical messages which send pain signals to the brain also known as the 'Gate Theory'.

  • The Gate Theory was proposed by Melzak and Wall back in 1965

  • Used to describe and explain our perception of pain.

  • They showed that pain impulses could be overridden and that our perception of this pain could be altered.

  • Put simply - the brain only has capacity to cope with a certain amount of information at once.

  • The sensation impulses that you receive from the TENS machine have priority over the pain signals from labour contractions. Therefore you perceive the labour pain as less intense and gets put to the back of your mind.

2. Releases natural pain killers such as endorphins.

How is LaborTens used during childbirth?

The TENS machine comes with new self adhesive electrodes that are placed over the lower and mid back. When you switch the machine on you will start to feel minimal tingling, this will increase as you turn it up. There is a boost button (see picture above) that will increase the intensity to ride out each contraction. Unfortunately you are unable to use the TENS machine in water (shower or bath) and will need to be removed, however the self-adhesive electrodes can be reused frequently.

Benefits to LabourTENS?

  • No harm to yourself or the baby

  • Drug free pain control

  • Instant long lasting pain relief

  • No side effects or drowsiness

  • Can be used as soon as contractions start.

  • Can be used with other methods or drugs.

  • Safe to use in hospitals or at home - easy to carry around.

  • Non-invasive, allowing you to move around freely.

How do I order a machine?

It's pretty easy and simple.

1. Head on over to our shop

2. Add LabourTENS machine to your cart

3. Pay for the machine

4. We will be in contact to assess when you will need it (we recommend from 37weeks onwards).

5. We will deliver locally to Port Macquarie and Surrounds.

6. Once finished we ask that you drop it back immediately to our clinic so we can lend it out to others.


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