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Top tips for staying fit during Pregnancy!

Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy, being pregnant is such an exciting and nerve wracking time whether its your first or fifth. Staying healthy and fit throughout pregnancy is linked with so many benefits.

· Lowers chances of developing gestational diabetes

· Increase energy levels

· Decreases risks of pregnancy complications (preeclampsia etc.)

· Faster recovery post birth

· Fewer complications during delivery

· Reduces back and pelvic pain.

Below are my top tips for staying fit during Pregnancy.

1. Check with your GP

If you are unsure whether you should continue your current fitness routine, it is always best to talk to your GP. They will be able to guide and advise you on any changes or alternatives to be made in your program. For low-risk uncomplicated pregnancies changes are you will be able to continue.

2. Don’t try something new:

So, you’ve just found out your pregnant, and want to give yourself the best chances of a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy; well now isn’t the time to start training for that half marathon or starting a new gym membership at your local CrossFit. Now might be the time to start some light low impact exercise such as; Pilates, yoga, walking, swimming or aquarobics.

3. Modify your Routine:

As you progress throughout your pregnancy you will start to realise that you may need to make modifications to your routine or exercises. You may need to swap the rower for the elliptical or bike, trade your HIIT class for Pilates class or decrease your weights. You need to look after your growing belly and not put any added stress to your already strained and tired core muscles – this may mean swapping out your high-level core routine for a lower impact whole body workout.

4. Listen to your body

Your body undergoes through an enormous amount of change during pregnancy. Your centre of gravity shifts forward, your joints and ligaments loosen, and your cardiovascular system undergoes change to accommodate an increase in blood volume and maintain oxygen levels to the baby. If you are pulling up sore, tight and experiencing difficulty breathing post exercise it might mean its time to dial back or take more breaks.

5. Take a prenatal vitamin

Speak to your doctor about whether you should take a prenatal vitamin throughout your pregnancy. Most women do regardless as they provide you with the right vitamins needed to support a healthy mum and bub. Iron deficiency is common throughout pregnancy and can cause increased fatigue and prolong post exercise soreness, most prenatal vitamins contain high levels of iron to help maintain levels.

6. Exercise with a professional:

Exercising with a professional can provide great piece of mind throughout pregnancy. Make sure to train with someone who has added training in the area as they are able to guide you, modify and adapt programs and exercises to best suit where you’re at during your pregnancy.


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