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What to pack in your hospital bag for a C-section!

Maybe you’re a first time mumma who is aware that she’s having a cesarean or maybe you’re just being extra cautious and want to be prepared, either way we have you covered. You’re probably googling anxiously about what to pack, focused on having the right gear for the actual birthing process and making sure you have 3 singlets, 3 jumpsuits etc for bub but forget about yourself. Remember its important to look after yourself just as much as the baby, especially postpartum. The best advice always comes from experience, so here it is the list of things that are an absolute necessity.

  • Loose Comfortable Clothing

Probably the most essential item - don't pack tights or restrictive clothing, pack loose fitting (dresses, long skirts etc) for the duration of your stay + your going home outfit. 

  • Short-sleeved nightgown, pyjamas or a shirt with buttons down the front.

This can help as you will have a cannula in your arm with fluids, which can make moving around easier.

  • Dressing/Night Gown

Wearing a dressing/night gown on its own is completely normal, and practical. It can be super hard to put on pants/tight initially after a C-section. 

  • Black High Waisted ‘Granny’ Undies 

High waisted means it won't dig or cut into your scar - and the reason for black, you can probably figure that one out. 

  • Maternity Pads

The hospital supply you with pads, however they aren’t as good quality as your own, so stock up on them before you head into hospital. 

  • Nursing Bras

This is a must! Breastfeeding can be hard the first time around, getting the baby into a position and then figuring out it doesn't work so changing it, means nursing bras give you dignity but freedom. 

  • Breast pads & nipple cream

Breastfeeding is HARD work - sometimes it can be the hardest part for women, so pack these as you don't want to be without if needed. 

  • Backless, slip on slippers

You won't be able to bend down and pick up anything off the floor let alone try and put shoes on, so make sure you pack slip on slippers making walking around the hospital easier. 

  • Fibre rich snacks

This will help constipation, constipation can cause straining which puts a hell of a lot of pressure on your wound. So sticking to a fibre rich healthy diet can help prevent. 

  • Toiletries Bag

The usual; toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, moisturiser, lip balm. 

  • Your own pillow

The U shaped/Boomerang pillows are awesome for using for breastfeeding but also to wrap around your lower abdomen for compression and comfort. 

  • Confidence!

Its okay to ask for help when having a baby especially with a c-section, the midwives understand that moving around is difficult post surgery, so please do ask for help!


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